We aim to add real value.

Not all relationships are the same - and not all customers are the same - we want to understand you.

It’s the cornerstone to an effective engagement.

The basic skills of leaders are always the same: be driven by a deeper purpose, be a human being, have a passion for what you do, and it’s also about hard work and ethics.
— Paul Polman

4 Purposes offers services that include: bespoke training and facilitation, outcomes-based consulting, assessing or implementing governance, facilitating innovation workshops through to Social Return on Investment and GRI framework reports and strategy frameworks that are fit-for-purpose.


Social Value & Impact Assessment

Undertaking a value‐oriented approach measures the changes and potential benefits for all affected stakeholders. 

We work with you to carefully articulate the impact objectives, consider which impact measures will be most useful to tell the story and then, to decide what evidence will be collected to illuminate the chosen impact and value indicators.  

Utilising a pragmatic nexus of methods incorporating perceptions, indicator data, and qualitative research, to quantify data-backed insights into upstream and downstream changes to social, economic or environmental factors - we then represent them as fiscal equivalents. 


Design & Innovation Facilitation

Most organizations have a hard time getting employees or stakeholders to think “outside the box” and act on new ideas that are generated.

Often, the problem is the embedded processes, structure and even the organisation of how these meetings and workshops occur.

We can work with you to design and deliver your innovation-centered programmes - we’ll help you refine your business objectives and desired outcomes and use those as our lightning rods for designing and delivering a customised experience for your team.

From introducing everyday design thinking to designing ideation and brainstorming sessions - we can help facilitate, workshop and even design bespoke training for your organisation to ensure that the seeds of a creative, innovative culture remains long after people return to their daily routine.


BoardRoom Services

As active and accredited members of the Governance Institute of Australia, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and the Advisory Board Center, our consultants can assist with undertaking a variety of Governance and Board-specific services.

  • Board and individual director assessments;

  • Providing risk and strategy consulting;

  • Implementing committees, think tanks, shadow and advisory boards;