We specialise in assisting any purpose driven client seeking to improve their strategy, Governance and quantify their Social Value and License to Operate.


Why 4-PurposeS?


When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.
— Howard Schultz

We treat every engagement as an opportunity to further innovate and aren’t satisfied by ‘cookie cutter’ deliverables. For us, a theory must always meet reality, generating an outcome that works for your organisation, leadership, staff and stakeholders.

We’re highly knowledgeable, pragmatic and collaborative. We have spent 25 years at the front lines of disruptive transformation, building our knowledge of dealing with constant change, uncertainty and technological impact.

If you’re constantly making business decisions on behalf of your investors first, ultimately you’re going to wear down your other stakeholders. It’s going to be potentially hurtful for your employees and your customers and the community you do business with.
— Danny Meyer

Whether a for-profit social venture, a charity, an association or an NGO - the demands to run - and achieve - your organisational purpose has become increasingly difficult. In a changing world, you are dealing with more fragmentation, more competition, greater demands, higher expectations - and all with lower funds.


We believe in empowering our clients to continue the work for their stakeholders once we’re out of the picture, and we approach each consultancy with the goal of building in the capacity and the necessary processes for them to do so.

Because our end goal is to empower your stakeholders, we’ve found we need to go beyond just including some stakeholders. They need to be involved in all aspects of creating new processes and new ways of doing things. We’ve also found that the more we listen to stakeholders, and the more their voices are built into the strategies created and the actions taken, the more they buy in to the work of sustainability activating your organisation’s goals.

That’s why our services are highly consultative and co-creative. So, if you believe in the power of listening to stakeholders to determine strategy, action and value, then engage us to start a conversation.


Envision an inspired workforce.

Fulfillment. Purpose. Achievement.


Those aren’t just the buzz words that ‘Millennials’ are looking for in every aspect of their lives.

A higher purpose is not about economic exchanges. It reflects something more aspirational. It explains how the people involved with an organization are making a difference, gives them a sense of meaning, and draws their support.

As an organisation dedicates themselves to supporting a purpose and weaves it into onboarding and training programs, corporate meetings, and culture-building activities - their people judge the purpose to be authentic, and a transformation begins to take place, and that enthusiasm is transferred to your customers and members.

Not sure where to start? Why not reach out for a obligation free introductory discussion? After all, It’s what we do.

Creating a strong company culture isn’t just good business. It’s the right thing to do, and it makes your company better for all stakeholders - employees, management, and customers.
— Julia Hartz