TEQ Alliance

TEQ Alliance is a network of Management Consultants who empower leaders by bringing together pragmatic expertise, expert advisors and coaching for success. We facilitate opportunities that exceed yesterday’s accomplishments - through improving organisations and leadership

We engage with organisations to explore their unique solutions and empower them to maximise their potential.

Engage. Explore. Empower.

From outcomes-based consulting, assessing or implementing Governance, Advisory Boards to an Executive as a Service - we understand what organisational leaders want: quick results that generate positive outcomes while building on the value of the organisation.


At DNA2Exit, we understand Small to Medium Businesses. We understand that you started your business for a reason - it was more than just earning a living, it was to do and be something different to your competitors. 

Your business is an extension of your drive and passion - let’s take it to the next level.

However, many businesses fail to capture and promote that uniqueness. From Start-up to scale-ups, growth or transformation, succession planning, selling or stepping out.

The ideal client is at the crossroads of achieving the objectives they desire for their business. If you are at a point in time that makes navigating the right pathway forward the critical next step to get you to the next level.

That's where DNA2Exit comes in.


4-Purpose specialises in assisting Social Ventures, Not-For-Profit, Non-Government-Organisations and any purpose driven client seeking to improve their strategy and quantify their Social Value and Impact.

Performance. .

We offer services that include: bespoke training and facilitation, outcomes-based consulting, assessing or implementing governance, undertaking “hack-a-thon” style innovation workshops through to Social Return on Investment and GRI framework reports and strategy frameworks that are fit-for-purpose.