A good board steers strategy by telling the organisation not only what specifically needs to be accomplished, but why. Good governance is about fit-for-purpose and can be less about structure and rules than being focused, effective and accountable.
— Taiss Quartapa

As active and accredited members of the Governance Institute of Australia, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and the Advisory Board Center, our consultants can assist with undertaking board and individual director assessments, providing risk and strategy consulting, and implementing committees, think tanks or advisory boards.


Board Advisory & COMMITTEE Services

The buck may stop with the Governance Board - however, that does not mean that expert advice cannot be sought.

Whether seeking fresh insights and thinking on emerging or unfamiliar issues, responding to ideas from management, playing devil’s advocate or supplying high-quality objective advice to support the organisation's decision-making - implementing an advisory board or working group committees may be just what your board needs to best serve the goals of your organisation.

From implementation to chairing - we offer services ease the process including defining the charter, identifying the capability/skill matrix requirements through to candidate board search documents.

We can assist with the implementation and management of:

  • Working Group Committees
    (e.g. Health, Safety & Environment; Remuneration; Risk & Governance; etc)

  • Advisory Boards
    (e.g. Mergers and Acquisitions; Transformation; International Expansion; Digital Adaptation; etc)

  • FutureBoard
    Perfect for engaging additional stakeholders, young emerging talent, succession planning and providing learning and development opportunities.

  • Think Tank & Strategy Committees
    Short term committees targeted with producing innovative recommendations and strategies for the board to consider.


Introduction to Boardroom Governance & Duties

You are a passionate, driven individual and want to give back to your community and society. You want to offer your expertise and insights. So, now you have taken on a role as a volunteer non-executive director.

However, meeting regulatory compliance, navigating uncertainty, improving the organisation and meeting the financial goals is a tough balancing act - and full accountability is firmly placed at the feet of the Board and Executives. So what does that mean to you?

  • Are you aware of the demands and expectations for being an effective and accountable member of the board?

  • Are you aware of the legal obligations - both professionally and personally?

  • Your role in fundraising and fiduciary responsibilities?

  • The personal liability and the risks to your personal finances?

  • Can you determine what it means to act in good faith and for a proper purpose?

  • Do you know what to disclose and how to manage conflicts of interest?

We can facilitate group sessions, executive coaching and develop a learning and development plan to ensure your success on this journey.


Board and Individual Director AssessmentS

How is your board performing?

Do you have the right mix of skills and thought diversity?

We work with you to carefully articulate the objectives of the board and consider which mix of skills and experiential backgrounds will be most useful to steer the organisation.

Utilising a pragmatic nexus of methods incorporating perceptions, indicator data, and qualitative research - we provide a full 360° assessment and review of the board - providing feedback and advice on areas such as improvements, development and effectiveness.